Barre fitness is taking over!

It's a challenging, non-impact, isometric approach to a strong body while using a ballet barre for balance - a killer workout without stress on your joints!  No, you will not be dancing!  Barre Reaction uses a fuse of dance positions, pilates, yoga, and basic athletics to sculpt the body from head to toe.  The workout is designed to be easy to follow while promoting a strong and lean physique - no chance of bulking.  It's a true FULL BODY WORKOUT for everyBODY!

 The Barre Reaction™ technique was created by certified fitness professionals of the American Council on Exercise.  With respect of the base of the original barre workout - The Lotte Berk Method - Barre Reaction combined further fitness education and up-to-date exercise techniques for an even more effective workout.  Additionally, all class variations offered in-studio have been designed, or put in place, to compliment this practice and emphasize a proper fitness routine - strength, cardio, flexibility.  This combination of classes has proven to send results through the roof and make BR a one-stop shop for physical fitness success!  Every class rocks to the beats (including Yoga Fusion); we turn up the music, you tune out the world! 

Barre Reaction is a proud partner of the American Council on Exercise (ACE)!  Workout with confidence knowing all instructors have been extensively trained in barre, all Barre Reaction™ modalities, and are certified ACE Professional's utilizing the most current fitness techniques and safety practices.