Women Crush Wednesday!

This week we're starting a new tradition and celebrating Woman Crush Wednesday!  We'll be sharing the stories and advice of those that support and inspire ALL of us at Barre Reaction!👑💪🏼

Meet Ann and Erika, two fab friends we now call our own❤️!!  We have adored these two since day one when they began their journey together; it's only fitting to post their stories together! 

❓We asked 5 questions, they answered (our hearts are bursting), and gave some great advice!  Read the full Q&A below...

Photo: Ann (left) and Erika (right) holding a sweet chair! Ensembles: unplanned. They're really just that fierce!  #barretribe

Photo: Ann (left) and Erika (right) holding a sweet chair! Ensembles: unplanned. They're really just that fierce! #barretribe

1.) How did you hear about Barre Reaction?

Ann: Erika and I were looking for a barre studio convenient for both of us living in White Lake and Milford. We stumbled upon Barre Reaction and thought it was a perfect location!
Erika: My husband actually! At the time I was taking barre classes at a studio near my work but wasn't going as often as I wanted due to their class times and the distance from our house. Mike mentioned that he noticed a barre studio by the Walgreen's on his way home from work and suggested I look into it. I talked to Ann and we decided to give it a try after researching the studio online!

2.) What is your favorite class, you're go-to?

Ann: If I had to choose one it would be the classic Barre class. I love that it’s a full body work out, touching on each area of the body. I do love Catalyst and Sweat & Sculpt too, they are a very close 2nd and 3rd. 😉 
Erika: My favorite barre class would be the classic Barre Reaction / Barre class. I like that during the course of the class we focus on each muscle group (arms, legs, abs, back, etc.) following with a stretch!

3.) What benefits have you experienced from your regular barre routine?

Ann: Before barre, I would find myself tagging along to the gym with my husband. I wasn’t seeing results from the machine work that I was doing. I was sick of running on a treadmill and needed to switch things up. I have never had arm or back muscles until I started at Barre Reaction. I find myself getting excited to work out and I have more energy after going to class. I enjoy the morning classes which are a great way to start my day.
Erika: My intention when I started barre was not to lose weight but to build muscle and do something active after work. When you work a 40+ hour week desk job, you sit... a lot. I tried joining a gym but found myself not motivated to go - that's when I looked into barre classes. I'm coming up to a year now since I've started and I've seen considerable changes. Not only do I now have arm muscles and a two pack 😉, after leaving a class I have a clear mindset; it's like hitting the refresh button. Stressful day in the office, you'll find me in the studio.

4.) Do you have a barre goal you're set out to crush?

Ann: Join the 250 club by Christmas!
Erika: I'd love to do a 30 classes in 30 days goal. Once I get back from my OBX trip in September I'll give it a go!

5.) What would be your advice to a new client or someone hesitant to try Barre Reaction?

Ann: I was working out at a gym, but wasn’t seeing results. I was a little hesitant when I signed up for Barre, but needed a change. I signed up with Erika and we set a goal to complete 100 classes in 4 months before a girls trip. I did not plan to extend my membership after our goal, but we were immediately hooked and now I cannot imagine working out any other way. One of my favorite aspects of Barre Reaction is the variety of classes offered - it’s not the same routine every day. I look forward to my cardio days with Catalyst, Sweat and Sculpt for a real butt kicking, and Fusion if I’m looking for slightly less intense class. They have several class times throughout the morning, afternoon and even evening that work with any schedule. I love all the instructors, you can tell each has a true passion for what they do and it reflects in every class. Their positive outlook on life radiates and you can never leave Barre in a bad mood! Barre Reaction has become a part of my daily routine and I couldn’t be happier that we made the decision to sign up.
Erika: My advice... definitely give it a shot and sign up for a full month to see how you like it. Barre Reaction usually has new member deals going on, so take advantage. If you can, find a friend and join together. I've found that having a "barre buddy" holds you more accountable to going! Personally, I don't have enough good things to say about Barre Reaction. The studio offers a variety of classes and I love that they are always trying to make things better by introducing new classes like Sweat and Sculpt and Slide, as well as getting new equipment. All in all, I would highly recommend giving Joyy and the Barre Reaction tribe a try!