Join the BARRE REACTION movement!

It all began with a wholehearted love of a little barre workout. No other workout can boast the results that a consistent barre practice can! Sculpted muscles from head to toe, physical strength, flexibility, slimmed physique, improved posture, and mental clarity are just a few of the benefits you take home from this mind-body fitness craze. Even more, it speaks to all ages, levels, shapes, and sizes that exude grit! Obsessed with the results, we learned every corner of the technique, dating back to the 1950’s, with The Lotte Berk Method. It was our goal to honor the beginning and forge ahead with updated fitness technique and education.

Being fitness professionals, we understand the benefits and necessity of being well-rounded. So, we continued creating and experimenting. Before we knew it we were pushing three different Barre Reaction variations, kickboxing, embracing interval training, and bringing additional pre-designed brands in-house!

Today, you can walk through the door of Barre Reaction and know your class variation is going to deliver results and compliment all your efforts in your classic Barre Reaction practice, perfectly! Effective, high energy, motivating, FUN, evolving, exciting, sweat inducing, challenging…if we left anything out, it won’t be for long! Your physical and mental health will skyrocket with our uplifting, body sculpting class variety!

Experience the Barre Reaction difference firsthand; affordable pricing for PREMIUM group fitness lead by certified instructors and the camaraderie of an unrivaled community. 30-days are all you need to FEEL the difference for yourself!!  

Barre Reaction™  is a proud partner of the American Council on Exercise (ACE)