Barre Reaction™

You, the barre, a mat, optional resistance equipment, and a proven isometric workout.  Build strength, burn calories, and improve flexibility with high repetitions of simple, small movements that are kind to the joints.  This class is a mental and physical challenge for all levels!  Whether you're just venturing into fitness or you pride yourself on your triathlon efforts, you'll get what you need.   60 minutes


Sweat & Sculpt™

The name fits!  A more advanced class, this is weighted barre fitness with a sprinkle of cardio.  You will leave drenched in sweat and completely satisfied.  Come ready to work; modifiers available.  Prereq: 5 prior barre classes encouraged.  45 minutes



A marry of steady movement, isometrics, and functional training will keep your heart rate elevated all while maintaining the low impact integrity of our beloved Barre Reaction technique.  It's a sweaty, satisfying workout on the express.  45 minutes



Crank up the intensity and speed of traditional Pilates and yoga! Challenging Pilates-inspired moves define long, lean muscles; fast paced yoga-style movements build strength and balance while improving your mobility; fluid low-impact sequences burn serious calories without stress on your joints!  No equipment needed.  And when you’re done, you’ll feel that exhilarating glow that comes with doing something great for your body.  55 minutes


Pop Pilates®

Music driven Pilates like you've never experienced it before!  You'll flow from one exercise to the next, developing a rock solid core, while leaving NO muscle untouched. Every exercise can be modified to fit YOUR personal needs.  55 minutes



Tabata!  This high intensity interval training (HIIT) conditions anaerobic and aerobic energy; boosts stamina, strength, and aids the body in burning more calories at rest, long after your workout (afterburn).  You're going to be worked and deliciously sore from head to toe! Impact options always given to choose the best fit for any level!  Clean athletic shoes are REQUIRED; cross trainers are suggested.  30 minutes



A high intensity workout that combines body weight training, muscle conditioning, cardio, kickboxing, and plyometrics to torch calories while toning and defining muscles.  This is a challenging class that will satisfy your cardio craving - it's not a blow-off class.  Intermediate to advanced levels welcome!  Clean athletic shoes are REQUIRED; cross trainers are suggested.  60 minutes