Q:  What should I wear to class?

A:  Wear clothing you are able to move freely in.  We suggest athletic/fitness apparel for the best in comfort and function.  Because of the variance in exercises and positions, baggy shorts and short shorts are not suggested.  Socks are required; grip socks encouraged.  If you forget your socks, no worries, we have them available for purchase in studio.  Athletic shoes are required for Off the Barre and Strong and must be clean with a non-marking sole.

Q:  What do I bring to class?

A:  Bring a water bottle and maybe a sweat towel!  Be advised, we are a green facility and do not sell plastic bottled water.  We do however have an awesome water station with bottle filler!  All equipment is provided for class but you do have the option to bring your own yoga or pilates mat if you wish.  

Q:  Do you offer beginners classes?

A:  All of our classes are built for all levels! Each exercise can be made your own! Our trainers (Crew) are equip with modifications and progressions for every movement and will offer them as needed throughout your class. Disclose any specific concerns to your instructor so they may ensure you get the best options for you!

Q:  Is there a limit to how many classes I can take in a day?

A:  The simple answer is no!  Certain classes compliment each other very well (barre to stretch)!  Ultimately however, if you're making the most of your workout, you shouldn't feel the need to take the same class in a single day.  If you feel you're missing something, come talk to us!  BR is a practice and we are here to help!  We can teach you how and where to contract your muscles to get the most from every class.

Q:  Are men permitted?

A:  Yes!  Although barre appears to be for women only, men are welcome.  Barre fitness is a great compliment to even the most masculine workouts.  Barre Reaction™ will boost flexibility and muscle functionality.

Q:  Is there an age requirement?

A:  Yes.  Participants must be at least 16 years of age.  Minor participants must have a parent or legal guardian sign a release, in person, prior to their first class.  Minors will not be accepted through online registration.

Q:  Do you offer special rates for Students?

A:  As a matter of fact, we do!  Ages 16-21 receive special pricing.  Valid I.D. is required. Memberships are not available online; stop in to sign up!

Q:  Does your equipment contain latex?

A:  Some of it. Our commonly used resistance equipment contains approximately 5% latex but we also have latex-free options on hand. Our mats and balls are 100% latex-free! If you have an allergy, let your instructor know so she can hook you up with the correct goods!